A mixture of sounds from across the world, explored in the most flavorful of ways, can best describe the collaboration undertaken by Aldo Carrillo, Eduardo Duran and Alejo Castañeda since 2016. Generating an energetic, eclectic collection of music influenced by the sounds encountered in Latin America and throughout the Caribbean, Vena Kava experiments with styles found in Latin Jazz, Indie-Soul, Ska, Punk, and so much more.  Now including the brass lungs of Christian Reátegui, percussionist David Espinal and the multi-talented Alejo Castaño, Vena Kava is a band of many styles, many talents, and many nations. 

Vena Kava is based out of Miami with show presence throughout South Florida and an appearances in both France and Qatar. With all members having played music individually for a decade or more, Vena Kava is well versed in live show performances, from acoustic settings to full sound productions. With their seamless mix of styles and unbreakable harmonies, Vena Kava keeps the audience moving and immersed in the sounds of the world. As their debut EP, Mis Dos Centavos, is currently available in all digital platforms including Spotify, they continue their creative journey as they work on their full length album, to be released in 2019.



Mis Dos Centavos EP